About Us

Founded in 2018 we proudly make our Formable Grabber’s by hand in house out of corrosion resistant steel with the intention of providing a tool that serves you for many years. We can’t stand spending good money on a tool that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, so this is why our Patent Pending Formable Grabber happened!

Our Patent Pending design allows you to form the tool into virtually any shape and it stays there, and still functions. The corrosion resistant steel our tools are made out of is strong enough to allow you to push buttons inside of a vehicle, such as a key fob, but also flexible enough to allow you to form the tool into a given shape to gain access to previously inaccessible areas!

We’ve re-invented the idea of a Mechanics grabber, fixing everything that pissed us off about the ones currently on the market, and are proudly making them here in the USA!